"We hired Jessica for our then 2 month old as we wanted to start her out with healthy sleeping habits. Our main goal was to have her fall asleep on her own as we have two other young children at home and were worried about the bedtime routines overlapping. We also wanted to work with our daughter to make naptime and bedtime a calming and joyful experience, and Jessica helped us do just that. After our initial meeting Jessica sent us our customized sleep plan for our daughter and within one week of implementing she was falling asleep on her own. She is now 4 months old and continues to fall asleep on her own, has started to increase her nap times and has done consistent 8 hr stretches at night. We are beyond grateful to Jessica for helping us to see sleep as something learned and for teaching us that with patience, and persistence, healthy sleep habits are possible for our little ones."

Jackie E - Collingwood, ON


Where do we begin...hiring Jessica was the best decision we could have ever made in terms of our family's sleep deprivation. Without her knowledge, support and structured yet flexible sleep plan we would still be rocking our son to sleep, having multipule night wakings and multiple night feedings. She helped us go from up to 3 night feedings, up to 5 night wakings(some spanning up to 3 hours long) and co-sleeping to him falling asleep on his own, sleeping in his own room, no night feedings and sleeping through the night. Having the "I'm Here For You" package is something we would invest in time and time again. It brings us to tears just thinking of where we were just a short time ago and how far we have come. We were exhausted and sleep deprived, that's when we turned to Jessica. Her non-judgemental approach is very flexible and she truly creates a plan geared to the individuals she is working with. She carefully studies the sleep log and kindly points you in the direction your child needs you to go. By following her suggestions and the plan she creates specifically for your child, she helps you to complete all your family's sleep goals. We found the daily log very helpful, especially to look back and analize what worked really well and what we needed to work on. Jessica also reads the log and responds to help you keep on track and to let you know what you are doing right and what to change. Jessica wants you to succeed just as much as you do yourself. She proves that by being in contact with you so you never feel alone. We cannot thank Jessica enough for everything she has done for our family. We are so grateful.

CAE - Owen Sound, ON


“Deciding to use Jessica White’s sleep solutions for our 9 month old was a complete game changer. Our daughter was never a good sleeper and had only slept 5 hours straight once. Waking up 2-3 times in the evening and 6+ times in the night was a regular day for us. Needless to say, everyone was exhausted and something had to give.

 We were hesitant for a while to sleep train as neither of us were comfortable with the crying it out method, but Jessica’s approach was gentle and the small changes we made every week had such a huge impact on Hannah’s sleep. We couldn’t believe it!  From day one, Hannah did not wake up once in the evening and at the end of our time with Jessica, Hannah was sleeping through the night – going to bed at 7pm and waking at 7am!! Having daily check ins with Jessica was such a lifesaver. We had her full support as she answered all our questions quickly and offered solutions for every scenario we threw her way.

 I can’t stop raving about Jessica White’s services and wish anyone who is struggling with sleep, get in touch with Jessica. My only regret is not hiring her sooner.”

 Andrea Roth - Wasaga Beach, ON


“Jess was an invaluable support in helping our 7-year-old establish new, independent and healthy sleep schedule and associations. She was immeasurably patient, but firm and helped us set appropriate boundaries. Jess provided invaluable insight into our daughter's independence during the day, and how this fed nighttime fears. 

Her approach and support really helped us get through the nights that were tough and encouraged us to follow through with our plan. She was flexible when we needed to take a break, but was an enormous support when we were ready to begin again. 

We honestly never would have gotten here without Jess' advice and guidance. She is warm, compassionate, responsive and understanding and has given us the greatest gift for a deeply tired Mom. I never would have imagined that our daughter would send me away at bedtime so she can fall asleep by herself AND would consistently sleep through the night. Thank you Jess!”  

Bronwyn - Toronto, ON


"Jessica's verbal and written support in response to our 'stress' due to our state of exhaustion and most challenging sleep times was so valuable.  She taught us sleep mantras, breathing techniques, how to support each other and take care of our selves during those hard times.  In turn, this helped our baby because we were more equipped to handle the stress and respond calmly.  We found having someone to be accountable to very valuable.  Writing the sleep journal and talking frequently kept us on track way more than when we had tried to read books or follow something online by ourselves.  Jessica was sensitive to our limits and needs and it was amazing to have a customized plan because it felt right for our family.  It wasn't a generic plan and I think that is why it worked!  Having someone we could talk to and trouble shoot with is invaluable! Our toddler now falls asleep on his own quickly and quietly for naps and bedtime.  He is sleeping soundly through the night and we are all much more rested and happy!  Best investment ever!"

Joanna H - Collingwood, ON


“When we first started working with Jessica my 9-year-old daughter had a great deal of trouble falling asleep on her own and would often be up past 11 pm each night.  My husband I would have to go to her repeatedly to help her to sleep.  As a last resort, we would often fall asleep in bed with her.  All our sleep was being greatly affected. I am extremely happy and so grateful for Jessica’s service.  Our daughter is now falling asleep on her own, at an age appropriate time, and getting 10 hours of sleep each night, the recommended hours of sleep for her age.  My husband and I have the evenings to spend together without the stress of a long and drawn out bedtime.  Our work with Jessica went above and beyond my expectations. I have rarely seen such a rapid change in such a short period of time. By hiring Jessica, we could outsource the pressure to push us into action.  She put all her good advice into a customized plan and followed up with us every day, to keep us focused and on track.  Since my daughter started getting a good night sleep her mood has changed and she can fall asleep and wake up on her own.  We are now prioritizing sleep and benefiting from the results.”

Manjula - Toronto, ON


"At the beginning, I did not think it would be possible to have our son sleep in his crib and in his own room, let alone have him nap for longer than 45 minutes. Due to some health concerns with our son, I turned to co-sleeping as I nursed every 45 minutes all night long. By 6 months I was at my wits end and completely lost as to where to even begin. With Jessica's support we made incredible gains. While I felt overwhelmed and doubted my efforts at times, she maintained a positive outlook and encouraged me to see the small steps of success that quickly added up. Our son went from napping in my arms for 45 minutes and co-sleeping at night to three consistent naps and in his crib at night! Jessica's guidance and support has brought freedom and joy back to our house as we are ALL getting the sleep we need. I have seen tremendous gains in my son's disposition since he is sleeping. I will be forever thankful for Jessica's nonjudgmental support as she worked with our strengths and weaknesses. I highly recommend this to any parent...your child is never too far gone in terms of their sleep patterns and it CAN get better!" 

Larissa Broadbent - Bradford, ON


“Jessica started out by listening to our problems and our situation, and followed up by asking very clear and concise questions.  Within a day of communicating with her we started to feel like there was hope, and that everything would turn out okay.  She gently but clearly taught us the theory behind why a regular sleep routine is so important
and how to get back on track, all the while empowering us with the confidence we were lacking to get there.  
Her sleep plan was informative, clear, and straight-forward, and promoted regular interaction with her
to make sure we were at ease with the plan and understood its details.

She checked in regularly to see how we were coping, and ended up providing a wealth of additional information and assistance that we didn't know we needed (being 29 weeks pregnant, she offered information to keep me well-rested and healthy.  She offered insight and advice concerning our extended families, and how to manage their expectations with respect to family commitments that we felt interfered with our progress with the sleep plan, etc).

The whole time, Jessica was compassionate, empathetic, understanding and patient.  She was extremely educated and shared that knowledge with us in a way that made sense given our situation, she kept us on track with the plan in a firm but gentle way, and was always there to reassure us when we had slight set-backs.

All in all, I feel incredibly lucky to have benefited from Jessica's expertise." 

Kate, Mother of 2 1/2 year old Ben - Montreal, QC


“When we had our second baby, 6 1/2 years after our first, we had completely forgotten how important baby sleep was.  Juggling our lives and that of our older son, along with the sleep needs of our baby girl was hugely challenging!  Jessica was our saviour, first, in telling us how important it was to teach baby good sleep habits as an infant, to setting up sleep schedules that worked as she got older.  Jessica's knowledgeable help made transitions from 3 to 2 naps, and especially the difficult 2 to 1 nap more manageable.  Even recent small sleep need changes, as our "baby" now nears 2 years, have been aided with Jessica's practical and informative tips.

Needless to say, we are so thankful that we have had Jessica help us through it all.  Everyone says the second baby should be easier, but for us, it was far more challenging.  While it is true that we could have done it on our own, it is certain that we have ALL slept better with Jessica's help!  Thank you, Jess!"

C.A.K - Stayner, ON


"Having Jessica to help put together a sleep plan and schedule really helped me see where I needed to change my routines.  Getting a better night's sleep while pregnant was priceless!  I highly recommend sleep consultation."

J.D., Maternity Client - Collingwood, ON


"At six months, our baby daughter Camila had never slept for more than 30 minutes during her naps and the nighttime feedings were between 4 to 10 or more! I was exhausted and depressed from not sleeping.

I heard about Jessica's program from a friend and immediately contacted her. It was an incredible help and support! She understood our needs and goals and made a plan that helped us teach Camila how to sleep three consistent naps, soothe herself for sleeping and also have a routine to help us through the day. After five days, Camila went down to just 2-3 night feedings and has been able to sleep 1.5 to 2 hours during her naps. We are still working on our plan and our goal is to get Camila down to one night feeding.

We are a much more well-rested family and have a happy baby now! With no doubt, Jessica was the best help we could have gotten."

Melissa Contreras - Barcelona, Spain


"Our boys were sleeping disasters. They were up 10 times a night, most nights, and were waking us up every time. Not only did they have a hard time staying asleep, but going to sleep as well. Attempting to sleep anywhere but their own beds was not an option. We were at our wits end and contacted Jessica for assistance. Jessica looked at our whole life to evaluate why our boys were having such a hard time. She worked through food allergies, sleeping patterns, activity levels, food intake, routines and behaviour to work out the best sleep plan for our family.

Jessica was incredibly supportive and directive in her plan, which as an exhausted parent you need desperately. Our sleep plan took hold in a short time and our boys are now sleeping champions. They are easy to go to bed, they stay asleep and can sleep in a different environment without interruptions. We really enjoyed working with Jessica and learned a lot about what we needed to do to create and maintain healthy and happy sleepers."

Kate B. - Collingwood, ON


"Let me tell you about Jessica White.  She is a godsend, simple as that.

This wonderful woman held my hand and helped me get through the countless sleepless nights that followed the birth of our twins. She strategized with us and gave us the tools to encourage our three kids to sleep more soundly.

A sleep consultant? I never knew this profession existed until a friend gently suggested contacting Jessica in a moment where my sleep deprivation was apparent to all.

And now I feel like a whole new woman - no joke. My kids sleep from 7pm-7am most nights and I owe a lot of that to Jessica White."

Sarah, mother of three - Kimberley, ON

illustration 7.jpg

"Our daughter, now 4, was a difficult sleeper as a baby.  She wouldn't ever fall asleep by herself and she was an infrequent and brief napper.  We ended up relying desperately on all the typical sleep 'crutches', including the swing, swaddle, and always nursing to sleep.  After we had our second baby and found ourselves starting to fall into many of these habits again, we were determined not to let the situation get too out of hand.  

Jessica's guidance was absolutely invaluable and we now have a very happy baby -- one who naps like a champion and can soothe himself to sleep easily.  I feel quite confident in saying that we could never have gotten to this point without her knowledge, consistency, positivity and kind reassurance." 

S.K. - Collingwood, ON

"I contacted Jess when I was 5 months postpartum feeling very low, very exhausted, and very much not myself.  My husband and I both knew we needed help figuring out how to help our daughter sleep better both during the day and at night.  We had tried some tactics on our own for about two weeks prior and nothing seemed to be working.  

Right from the start, Jess made me feel completely supported which is exactly what I needed. After a great initial phone consult, she emailed us our Sleep Plan.  As soon as I read it, I felt lighter.  Knowing that there was a plan to implement and support at the other end of the phone from someone I trusted made me feel so much better.  Within three weeks our daughter went from getting up 4-6 times per night and having maximum 45-minute long day naps, to getting up just one time at night and having three successful naps during the day.  

Given the chance, we would do it all over again in a heartbeat.  It was one of the best
first parenting decisions we made and has truly made me a better mum."

Valentina - Toronto, ON


“I would highly recommend Jess White to help with any sleep issues. She is a calm, caring, and compassionate professional who works in a measured and focused manner, always in collaboration with the client. The short term and long term objectives for sleep issue(s) are measurable and realistic. Her open and enthusiastic personality, along with a strong knowledge base, adds to the unique and positive experience of working with Jess. I am very happy to have met her...I'm sleeping much better!"

Joan – Bathurst, NB


"I found Jessica White very informative and attentive.  She was thorough and had a gentle approach.  I am sleeping much better thanks to all the tools she gave me." 

Wendy F – Meaford, ON


"Jessica gave me solid, practical advice which was realistic and easy to follow. I can honestly say I am sleeping better than I have for years. 

I feel I have turned a corner.... I really do, and it's thanks to you!! I'm very grateful for the time you spent with me." 

Clare N – Collingwood, ON