I know from experience that successful and sustainable change requires a clear, manageable plan and a person or community supporting you through the process. My approach provides both, and will help you or a family member make lasting changes towards getting the recommended hours of restorative sleep necessary for a long and healthy life.

discovery Phone Call 15-30 minutes

  • Our first phone conversation involves a brief discussion where you are providing me with an overview of you or your child’s challenges and circumstances so I can decide how to best support you. This may involve a referral out when necessary. You can book your discovery call by clicking here.

questionnaire/3-day sleep log

  • I will provide you with a questionnaire that evaluates all areas related to sleep challenges so I can determine your plan and which action steps to take. I will review your questionnaire and sleep log before our first scheduled session, and will address follow up questions during our session.


  • Initial consultations take place via Skype/Facetime or during a face-to-face meeting (depending on location, travel charges may apply). This session will typically last 1.5 hours, depending upon each case’s unique needs. Any questions related to the questionnaire will be discussed at this time. Based on my evaluation and follow up questions, goal setting will be discussed and a plan will be created.

personalized sleep plan

  • Customized recommendations and action steps will be emailed to the client following the consultation.  A follow up appointment will be scheduled to review the sleep plan and to address any questions.

daily support

  • Through the use of a shared sleep tracker, individuals will log daily sleep/wake times, routines, nutrition and action steps taken to reach their sleep goals.

  • In real time I will offer daily feedback, encouragement and suggestions to keep you focused and accountable to your goals.

Follow Up Sessions

  • During these 30 minute check-ins we will either review the sleep plan or discuss your progress in implementing the action steps, trouble shoot any obstacles you may be facing and determine the next set of action steps to accomplish your sleep goals.

  • Individuals typically utilize anywhere from 3-10 sessions. Depending on outcome, continued support with additional sessions may be necessary.

E-mail Check-In

  • Email is used to ask simple questions, schedule sessions, provide information, handouts, agreements etc. If the question(s) emailed requires an in-depth answer, we will schedule a follow up phone consultation.


  • Text is only utilized in case of an emergency. For example, to notify me if you need to cancel a session that is scheduled in one hour.

"Brief Call" Consults

  • If you have a quick question in between our scheduled sessions you’d like to discuss by phone, we can set up a brief call. Most questions are answered within 5-10 minutes. If your question requires more time involved, we will schedule a follow up session.


  • If you find yourself needing more support or having more questions, once our sessions and time together is complete, please email me and we will schedule a brief 15-minute intake to discuss what is going on and how I can best support you. From there we will determine the best approach to accomplish your goals.


Payment must be received by cash, cheque or e-transfer before the commencement of services.